Coaching Philosophy

  • Our swimmers range in age from 5-16, lots to share and learn from each other. Main goal is to get better while having fun!

  • Explaining what the expectations are is important and knowing that we all have the same information is the key.

  • Communications will be frequent, and hope parents take any opportunity to discuss any issues when they arise. We are the support for your children, we want to make sure we are all on the same page with information. Bi-monthly newsletters will have info on meets, practice schedule updates, parents meeting dates, swimming sport materials and training information.

  • Team means team. We support each other during practice, travelling and at competitions. Need something? Just ask.

  • Re-grouping for exercises will occur frequently. It allows for similar skill-sets to work, challenge and learn from each other. This means friends may be NOT be placed together.

  • We are committed to having an adult coach on deck for each and every practice.

  • We want everyone to be all they can be. Honestly, the training philosophy is that simple. Our coaching expectations are that everyone give 100% for the duration of the practice times and they WILL become their best selves.


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