History and Governance

The Cape Breton Dorados Swim Team has existed in different forms since at least 1973, serving the community of Sydney Nova Scotia and surrounding areas with developmental and competitive swimming, with many alumni progressing on to CIS, CIAU and US College Swimming careers.

Historically associated with the Kiwanis Pool in downtown Sydney, the Dorados have a history of training in all the regional facilities including the Sydney YMCA, the Northside Community Pool, and the Canadian Coast Guard College.

As is common with many volunteer-led and run organizations, the Dorados Executive has changed governance and organizational structure over the years. The Cape Breton Dorados Swim Team Association was registered in November of 2014 as a not for profit with the province of Nova Scotia and
now operates under a set of by-laws, a board of Directors, and operational Executive and sub-committees. We operate in compliance within the guidelines of Swim Nova Scotia and Swim Canada and are one of 14 official affiliated swim clubs in the Province of Nova Scotia.

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Nova Tech

Nova Tech swimming is designed to meet the needs of our younger and less experienced athletes by providing a dynamic and fun competitive experience. Swimmers that are new to the sport may still compete at the Nova Tech series of meets. Swimmers wishing to compete at higher levels must achieve various time standards such as East Coast, Age Group Nationals, Easterns or Senior Nationals.

Age Group

Age Group swimming is for those individuals who have reached the SNS established qualifying times for individual events.


Typically a swimmer takes a few years training in the Nova tech category to learn the fundamental strokes and techniques and then graduates to the Age Group category.

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How many times per week should you swim?  

The level at which you register your swimmer will indicate your swim times (Nova Tech or Age Group).  Even if you are new to the sport of swimming, you are encouraged to attend all of your workouts. You will only get better if you are consistent with your schedule as the coaches have a master plan, which revolves around each workout.  The more experienced swimmers will be expected to adhere to their schedule.  Only then will we achieve the team and individual goals that are set out.


Typical Practice

Competitive swimming is different than swimming lessons because the focus is on building speed, strength and endurance.  Lessons focus on life saving skills.  After the first few weeks look at how much they learn and grow!  For a standard 1 hour practice, your swimmer can expect the following:
First 10 minutes

  • On Deck Activation

  • Coach and/ or senior swimmer leads groups in dynamic stretching

  • Coordination exercises, strength exercises, warm-ups

  • Group discussion, goal setting, organizing groups​

Next 40 minutes

  • Lane assignments

  • Workout description and explanation

  • Warmup

  • Training / workout / set

  • Focused stroke activities, repetition of fundamental techniques


Last 10 minutes

  • Cool down, final stretch

  • Conclusion and discussion

  • Post practice discussion as necessary

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Swim Nova Scotia  

Swim Nova Scotia is the umbrella organization for all swim clubs in the province. Offering administrative support to each club, the governing body is comprised of over 2000 athletes, 800 officials and many volunteers.  The organization is made up of 15 full-time clubs, 19 summer clubs and 18 masters clubs.  Club members range from ages 5 to 80 years old.

The mission of Swim Nova Scotia is to support and produce individual excellence. Swim Nova Scotia helps athletes to develop their potential whether Olympic caliber or just for fitness.  Swim Nova Scotia is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting and producing individual excellence at the International, National, Provincial and Novice levels. Year round swimming in our province is divided into three divisions: Nova Tech, Age Group, and Pre-Competitive.  
There are approximately 23 swim meets held in our province at the provincial level, and four national levels meets each year.

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