Training Teams

Updated October 18, 2019

The Dorados team is grouped into training teams that have similar skills and will train together at their scheduled times.


This team is a group that combines young swimmers (6-8) and the newest members to the team. All new members start out in the lemon group. They need to gain some team experience and stroke development to progress into the Lime team.


This team has swimmers typically aged 7-9 with a little stroke experience under their belts. They have great potential and are usually trying for that first medal, the Nova Tech Level 1 bronze medal.


Green team has the returning swimmers, most less than 10 years old, with some team experience and exposure to all strokes and are striving for Nova Tech Level time standards.


Aqua team is for returning swimmers with previous Dorados experience and stroke proficiency, that have graduated NT levels 1 and/or 2. Sometimes older, new swimmers can also fit into this category, depending on development at coach’s discretion.


Blue team is our Nova Tech graduates, age group category swimmers. These swimmers are training for their AAA times, Team NS travel groups.


This is our senior swimmers group who have attained NS provincial standard AAA times and/or New Brunswick AA standard times. These swimmers are chasing national and provincial on-track times for identification and/or funding, provincial ID team qualifications, travel team opportunities and/or Canada Games ID Teams.

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