Competition Suits


  • Team suits are one-piece suits for competitions.

  • Training suits can be any one-piece suit, with no embellishments (ie, jewels, beads, ties, etc).


  • Team jammers are standard for competitions.

  • Training suits are tighter than trunks, which create a lot of resistance, and therefore are harder to work with when the boys are learning technique.  Shorts may be added later for drag/speed training.


Not all suits are created equal!  The team suit is constructed of chlorine resistant, long lasting material for training hours in the pool. It is not a requirement to purchase our team suit, but a definite recommendation.



Children’s goggles are available at a variety of sporting stores, and come in many shapes to fit small eyes.  It's reasonable (and very normal) to open and try the goggles on your kids in the store.  Since everyone’s face and eye socket shape is different, a good fit is one where the goggle eyepiece fits completely and seals around the socket. With a little push, the eyepiece has a suction effect on the eye and they will suck onto the face and even hang there for a second or longer. That’s a keeper pair!



Swim Caps

Caps are required for all practices. Swimmers may wear any design or material, but they are required for every practice and competition. Special caps will be awarded during the season. ;)



Water Bottle

Hydration during and after a workout is always important, especially in the water. Please pack water in your child’s bag for the pool.

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